Slide Imaging
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Key Benefits

bulletAvailable from most of your Mac or PC programs
bulletHigh resolution, full color, mounted in plastic
bulletSimple editing included in price

We use state of the art slide imaging equipment supporting both Macintosh and PC platforms*.

No. of originals

3 day

2 day 1 day

    4 hour/   8 hour


1st/extras 1st/extras


$5.50/3.00 $6.50/3.50 Available at Additional Cost


$4.50/2.75 $5.00/3.00
over 72


Call Call

*Most commonly available Mac and PC programs are supported.

These prices are for the production of slides from "slide presentation" programs such as PowerPoint, Persuasion, Freelance, Harvard, etc. where multiple slides can be placed in single files.  If, in the above programs, you create separate files for each slide, there will be an additional charge of $1.50 per slide for additional labor.

There will also be an additional $1.50 per slide charge for imaging from most drawing/graphics programs such as Canvas, Illustrator, Photoshop, and others.

Files over 30 mbytes will be charged $1.00/mbyte over 30.

Any unique, unusual or nonstandard fonts must be included with your files.   Postscript files need to include "all fonts".

Return times of less than 24 hours must be approved by telephone call in advance of sending your work to us.

To be certain that you obtain the best possible results, we will look at each slide in your presentation for gross errors or formatting problems.  Minor problems will be corrected at no charge.  Any major problems, or minor problems occurring on many slides, can be addressed at our labor rate of $50.00 per hour.  We will notify you before performing any major alterations, or if we anticipate any problems.