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Digital File Preparation:

Hard copy or pdf proofs should accompany all jobs to ensure proper output.  All fonts and connected files required for proper output must be included with your job.   Files that are incorrectly output as a result of improper setup or missing files can be corrected/remade at the customer's expense.  

Archiving Your Files:

All files pertaining to your jobs that are not originally created by us, will be archived for a period of 1 year.  After that time, they will be removed from our systems.


Scientific PhotoGraphic Services takes great care when handling original art.   However, any original art left with us will be at the customer's risk only, and is not subject to replacement. We assume no liability for loss or damage to orders during the transportation to or from our premises.  Any item sent by the customer should have the necessary insurance to cover any unforeseen eventuality.

Sending us Your Work and Return times:

Digital files can be sent to us electronically, via FTP (see our home page--"sending your electronic files to us"), or as an attachment to our email address (less than 15 mbyte file size please).

For those of you in the New York / New Jersey metropolitan area, we offer "personal" delivery at selected locations depending upon COVID19 restrictions.  Call us concerning specifics. 

Prices will be determined by the time that your work (hard copy or art) is physically present at our site. Jobs received by 8AM will be considered as being received on the prior business day.

The usual time required for normal digital, creative or photographic services is determined by the complexity of the job requirement.  Poster production from files that are ready to print will generally require 1-2 business days.  Call for an estimate.

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