Digital Posters
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Key Benefits

bulletAvailable in sizes up to 5 feet wide by any length 
bulletOutput in full color, at high resolution
bulletPrinted on a variety of materials for indoor or outdoor use
bulletLaminating and mounting available

These are full color, digital inkjet prints.  They are used most often for display presentations, office graphics, advertisements, courtroom visuals, floor graphics, outdoor displays, etc.

Posters that will be used out-of-doors or exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time can be produced using UV resistant inks, and appropriate water resistant substrates, with or without laminating..

Files are usable as prepared in a variety of programs.  PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator,  are a few of the software titles that may be utilized for the purpose.  We can do some or all of the creative and design work, or you can do it yourself.  Refer to our poster creation page for guidance in using PowerPoint.  You will also find links on that page to a page containing downloadable PowerPoint templates of various sizes and styles. 

Send the resultant file to us in native (program file) form, pdf (print resolution-embed all fonts), tiff, jpeg, or postscript (include all fonts). For proof purposes, send us either a simple black and white letter/legal-size page, or "screen resolution" pdf, noting the final output size and platform used (Mac or PC). 

Once we receive your "ready to go" file, or receive a final approval on posters that we produce, your poster will be sent to "output".  Because of the high internal production cost of this service, ANY further revisions can only be accomplished by redoing the entire poster at normal output charge.  Of course, if there is an error on our part (where the final poster differs from your proof), we will print it again at no charge.  If we can not complete the reprint within your time limitations, we will not charge you for the poster.  The incorrectly imaged poster needs to be returned to us.  

If you dislike the final poster because of some factor beyond our control (such as for lettering or image sizes that appear too small, or apparent color differences from the screen-viewed image), you will be responsible for the poster cost. 

If you there are other problems with the poster that are not related to our output service, and you want us to repair them, we will do so at our normal editing charges ($60.00/hour).  Cancellation of your order for non-time related reasons will incur the cost of the entire poster.