About Us



We are a small company, first operating in New Milford (1976-1982), then Edgewater (1982-2001), and currently in Ridgefield, New Jersey.  These towns lie directly across from upper Manhattan.  

My name is David Starke.  I began this business in 1976 and am responsible for its day to day operation.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, I worked for a large Medical Institution.  My training and degree was in science, but my career desire was elsewhere.  I helped the research scientists organize their data into graphic format that would be publishable in the scientific journals.  This was several years BC (before computers), and art/graphics/lettering was done by hand or by lettering templates.  This, together with my photographic knowledge gained from years of experience in my home darkroom and doing "affair" photography with a well known New York photographer, enabled me to introduce a marketable service, competing directly with the in-house audio-visual departments of the time.  In 1976, I officially started Scientific PhotoGraphic Services, and hired my first employee.

Over the succeeding years, most of our work was centered within the scientific community.  By the late 1980s however, a number of our customers were finding that they could accomplish many of the services we offered on their own computer/printer systems.

In spite of decreasing revenues seen by competing services, we maintained our market share by sustaining a high degree of personal attention and staying one step up on the technological ladder.  Always using equipment and personnel that were more capable than that of our customers, has enabled us to continue growing.  The addition of large format poster printing at very competitive pricing and rapid (no rush charge) turnaround times has produced a much expanded satisfied customer base, and has enabled us to extend our services far outside the tri-state area.

We now attract customers in the business/financial/legal sectors, producing  presentation related digital products for their sales, marketing and meeting needs. 

Today, we pride ourselves in maintaining our high degree of service.  No matter how large we grow, you will always have personal access to one of us.  This, along with the considerable skill we have developed over our 30+ years of experience means... We will be there when you need us.